Marvel’s Avengers Will Be A Launch Title For Both The PS5 And Xbox Series X

Marvel’s Avengers Will Be A Launch Title For Both The PS5 And Xbox Series X
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

For the longest time, gamers have fantasized about an Avengers game. The movies blew up over the last couple of years so why couldn’t these characters do the same in a video game?

Well we’re finally getting one in Marvel’s Avengers, a narrative-based action-adventure game from Crystal Dynamics. The trailers showcase a pretty fun experience, whether you’re Thor using lightning to vanquish foes or Hulk plowing through bodies like they’re ants.

Originally planned for a May release, Marvel’s Avengers unfortunately faced a couple of setbacks that forced the developer’s hand at pushing off the release. The coronavirus certainly didn’t help matters, but we finally have a September 4 release date to look forward too.

That’s not all. Square Enix — the game’s publisher — also made the announcement that the game would be ready at launch for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Gamers don’t have to wait until these next-gen consoles release, either.

They can go ahead and pick up the game for the PS4 and Xbox One and then upgrade their copy for next-gen support. Players won’t have to pay additional money and it applies to both physical and digital releases, at least for the PS4 anyway.

On paper, this is one of the stronger launch titles for both systems. Screenshots and gameplay trailers have shown a lot of promise in the visual department, and you can bet they’ll be even better running on the more advanced consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

It’s a great move from Square Enix. They want Marvel’s Avengers being one of the premiere superhero games and it certainly has the chance to make a huge splash out of the gate.

You’ll get to play as either Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and Ant-Man. That’s not too shabby of a list that will be available at launch.

The way each character plays is different from the next and has the potential to make gameplay all the more dynamic. For instance, Hulk moves like a tank and has exceptional defensive stats while Iron Man is more agile and relies on flight.

It’s an exciting time for those that have their sights set on next-gen consoles. The technology in both seem very promising and if they can acquire a lot of great games like Marvel’s Avengers, then the next couple of years for console gaming will be interesting to say the least.