The Realistic Motorsport Racing Simulator Project Cars 3 Releases In August

The Realistic Motorsport Racing Simulator Project Cars 3 Releases In August
Credit: GameRiot via YouTube

The return of Project Cars is finally upon us. It has been a couple of years since we’ve had a new installment, so the announcement of Project Cars 3 definitely was received well.

And it looks like fans looking to experience its improvement gameplay, visuals, and customizations won’t have to wait long. Slightly Mad Studios just revealed an August 28 release date via the game’s official Twitter page. It will be available for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Now that a release date is official and there is light at the end of the tunnel for interested onlookers, let’s take a look at some of the improvements that have already been highlighted.

For starters, the career mode has been rehauled completely featuring a much more advanced AI system. On paper, it should give rise to more authentic racing experiences and added difficulty.

Players will start out at the bottom and have the chance to compete to earn their spot at racing glory. After every race, there are plenty of options to refine vehicles. From what has been revealed in trailers, the customization aspect has never been better.

That’s always an important aspect of any racing simulator. Gamers want a plethora of realistic parts to upgrade their vehicle with, and it seems like Slightly Mad Studious is doubling down on this aspect. Some of the customizeable parts include wheels, rims, and spoilers. The decision could help Project Cars 3 sell really well out of the gate.

The developer also reports the addition of VR support. It’s a great move for a series that prides itself on racing authenticity and immersion. Just imagining the high-octane races using a VR headset gets the adrenaline going.

Finally, the game will now be more approachable thanks to the First Time Player Experience feature. It’s a program that is designed to fast-track players’ development, especially for those that have no prior history playing the series before.

It’s another great strategy that shows the developer is looking to make their game approachable and attract new fans that may have never considered playing a Project Cars game before.

July is almost here so that means a little over a month until players can experience the refined performance and visuals featured in Project Cars 3. Can it elevate the series to new heights and satisfy die-hards looking for authentic and memorable racing experiences? Stay tuned to find out. Things are just heating up.