Marvel’s Avengers’ Open Beta Is Now Out And Lasts Through Sunday

Marvel’s Avengers’ Open Beta Is Now Out And Lasts Through Sunday
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers — the game that puts players in the role of some of the strongest and most iconic superheroes — is set to release September 4. That’s just around the corner and people in the gaming community seem to be in two different camps.

On one hand, you have those excited to play as some of their favorite superheroes — including Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. It’s been a want from Marvel fans for quite some time now, especially with all of the success the Marvel movies have had at the box office over the years.

Then you have those who’re a little worried about the game. Those that have already played some of Marvel’s Avengers have been put off by the lack of diversity in enemy encounters. For some, the situations are too similar and that has prevented these players from really having the varied experiences they were hoping to have.

Whichever side you think you might fall on, the open beta for Marvel’s Avengers is now live and will be available until Sunday (August 23th). That’s a couple of days to play as the different characters and learn more about the story.

Crystal Dynamics has done a great job at promoting the game through their War Table livestreams, where they’ve teased various aspects of gameplay and got into the meat of the story. So far, the character variety is looking like a promising aspect of Marvel’s Avengers. Every hero plays differently, whether you’re Hulk using superior strength to charge through enemies or flying above as Iron Man and Thor to evade quickly.

The diversity is furthered by each hero’s individual character progression. As you move further in the game, you can customize their skills in unique ways. Players also have the choice of deciding which characters they want to enhance. You can spend time with only a couple of characters or extend your play with everyone. It’s completely up to you.

It’s important to note that during this open beta, the developer will be paying very close attention to the feedback they get. The constructive criticisms they receive will be used to make Marvel’s Avengers better, which is always what you want from a developer making a AAA game.

Will everyone be satisfied with the end product? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see what adjustments Crystal Dynamics makes to improve some issues that have already been present, such as lacking enemy combat diversity. How this game finishes is more important than how it starts.