Many Weapons Have Been Improved And Some DLC Hints Have Been Added In The Latest Elden Ring Upgrade

Many Weapons Have Been Improved And Some DLC Hints Have Been Added In The Latest Elden Ring Upgrade
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The sheer number of different weaponry available in Elden Ring is mind-boggling. When you add the Ashes of War to the mix, you have some degree of control over your weaponry. Despite this, the Moonveil Katana is the weapon that most gamers choose to wield because of its ranged Weapon Skill and general awesomeness.

However, the recently released version 1.07 from FromSoftware hopes to remedy that by providing significant improvements to a large number of different weapons. In addition, there is the niggling problem of a DLC buried deep within the game’s source code.

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According to the patch note, the latest version includes balancing changes that will improve the overall consistency of gameplay. A significant number of adjustments have been made to the game’s spells, talents, and incantations, as well as its weaponry, to facilitate greater gameplay variety.

To our relief, these adjustments will have a more significant impact on player versus environment (PvE) gameplay. Most of the patch notes are devoted to the improvements made to PvE, even though some regular two-handed attacks and specific Colossal Sword attacks will now deal more significant poise damage due to the adjustments.

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Because these adjustments are so granular, individual weapons and even attacks are referred to by their names so that you can keep track of everything that has been changed. The majority of these adjustments are buffed, and the developers are likely hoping that this would encourage players to switch to different weapons.

In addition to all of these alterations, data miners have found what appears to be signs of a DLC within the game’s source code. The data miner known as Sekiro Dubi has compiled a list of the things they discovered, which includes new hair models for the character builder, new map assets from audio banks m20 and m45 (although there is no extra info concerning these), and map documents of the Colosseum.