They’re Giving You A New Mode Called Heroic Assault In Gotham Knights To Help You Fight Crime More Effectively

They’re Giving You A New Mode Called Heroic Assault In Gotham Knights To Help You Fight Crime More Effectively

In November, a new four-player cooperative mode called Heroic Assault is coming to Gotham Knights. After Batman is killed in the open-world superhero game, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood must take over the mantle of protecting Gotham City. Players can form two-player teams in Gotham Knights’ open world to patrol the streets, while a larger group can take to the battlefield in Heroic Assault to fight for the city.

The four playable superheroes in Gotham Knights have their fighting styles and upgrade paths. For instance, while Nightwing excels in quick, acrobatic close combat, Red Hood is equally at home using his dual pistols to take on enemies at a distance. Gotham Knights let players take control of any of its four heroes at any moment, with dialogue and cutscenes adapting to the current member of the Bat Family.

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In addition, the game’s co-op mode allows two players to work together on open-world patrols and story objectives, albeit playing as two of the same character in Gotham Knights can lead to some uncomfortable moments.

A Twitter tweet for Gotham Knights has revealed that on November 29, a new multiplayer mode named Heroic Assault will be added to the game. Heroic Assault is a cooperative mode where up to four players work together to accomplish objectives in an arena setting, and it is played independently of the main narrative.

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It is expected that the new Gotham Knights mode would function similarly to a gauntlet, with teams advancing through each of the mode’s 30 floors until either the conclusion of the method is reached, or all heroes are defeated. Additionally, all Gotham Knights players can download the new Heroic Assault upgrade at no cost, providing them with a fun new option to protect the city together.

It was odd that Gotham Knights only supported two-player co-op, given the game’s emphasis on its four playable heroes. However, the new Heroic Assault mode will fix this by allowing four players to work together in a custom-made setting to eliminate criminals and accomplish goals.