Make A Mega Exhibit In Mondo Museum, Coming To Steam In 2020

Make A Mega Exhibit In Mondo Museum, Coming To Steam In 2020
Credit: Kitfox Games via Youtube

“It belongs in a museum!” Well, with a certain game coming on the horizon, that timeless, powerful line holds even truer today than it did back when Indiana Jones was a ‘fresh, new thing’.

Simulator games are nothing new, with one of the most popular being of course, the aptly-named Sims. The major appeal is the relaxed nature and the high degree of freedom players have in constructing whatever it is their hearts desire within the confines of the game, be it a house, a zoo, a roller coaster, and yes, even an entire planet. In the case of Mondo Museum, the execution is nothing new, but the setup certainly is.

Players will have a simple job; create the world’s best museum. With simple mechanics, create wings, floors, and exhibits, display anything you think will garner attention.

Developed by indie studio Kitfox Games, the game is currently in closed with limited features. The studio claims their reasons of doing so to allow input from the community. Kitfox joins the listing of developers seeking a better relationship with their fanbase and putting their feedback to good use. Their plans for the full version are to “expand core museum-building features (construction, management, exhibit unlocking, etc) with input from the community.” So not only are they listening, they’re anxious to see what the fanbase can contribute to the game’s development.

Due to the limited nature of the game and its ongoing development, it is currently only available on Steam Wishlist, and aiming for six months to a year for an early access launch. More and more features are coming as time goes on, and Kitfox Games is doing their utmost to provide a quality experience for players, an effort to be commended.

The museum-management simulation sandbox game (wow, that was a mouthful) is scheduled for a 2020 launch on Steam. A game like this could certainly find a nice home on the Switch, which could certainly do with some upgrades to its life-sim library. Until such a time, keep those PCs ready to go mondo when the game drops next year, and stay and play savvy, gamers!