League Of Legends World Championship 2020 Main Group Event Day Eight: Top Esports Vs FlyQuest

League Of Legends World Championship 2020 Main Group Event Day Eight: Top Esports Vs FlyQuest
Credit: LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

FlyQuest pulled off the impossible, taking down TOP Esports in a very dominant fashion. The centerpiece of this action was WildTurtle on Ashe, who kept landing arrow after arrow to keep taking down TOP members. The LCS second seed didn’t want to leave Worlds without pulling an upset so this was a huge surprise. Another notable member who performed superb today was PowerOfEvil in the mid lane. His Azir was a joy to watch, flanking the TOP roster countless times and getting kill after kill.

TOP looked very dominant throughout the entire World Championship and was on the way to finish the group stage without taking a single loss, however, FlyQuest said no and decided to crush their dreams. In the next game, TES will get their revenge against their opponent following this crushing loss against LCS. JackeyLove looked angry and he performs really well under pressure.

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The 2020 Season World Championship (Worlds 2020) is the conclusion of the 2020League of Legends esports season. The tournament is held in Shanghai, China. The tournament began with Play-In stages on Sep. 25 and will conclude on Oct. 31 with the finals between two teams which would be arguably the best in the World.

The Main-Event stage began on Oct. 3 and will feature the best 16 teams in the World. 8 out of them will advance to the knockout stage where they’ll have a shot at advancing forward.

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The format for qualification in North America and Europe changed this year, with teams only being able to qualify directly through the LCS Summer Playoffs and LEC Summer Playoffs, respectively. Seeding Changes: China and Europe both receive one extra seed for a total of four, while the PCS is given two seeds, compared to a combined four for the LMS and Southeast Asia in 2019.
In summary, one main event seed previously held by the LMS is given to Europe, and the play-in seed previously held by Southeast Asia is given to China.

Due to Vietnamese teams being unable to participate, the Play-In format was heavily adjusted, and the region’s Main Event spot was given to Korea’s 3rd seed. If Vietnamese teams had been allowed to participate, ⁠Team Flash would have played in the Main Event and ⁠GAM Esports would have played in the Play-In.

Stay tuned for more World Championship coverage as the 22 teams battle around the World for a title of a World Champion and a share of more than one million prize money.