Kenny Omega Gives Update On AEW Video Game: ‘We’ll Have Something To Show Sooner Than People Expect’

Kenny Omega Gives Update On AEW Video Game: ‘We’ll Have Something To Show Sooner Than People Expect’
Credit: Spike Chunsoft

Last fall, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) launched their weekly television show on TNT — Dynamite — and while the show’s ratings are down from where they started at-launch, the Wednesday night show is performing well in their targeted demographic, as the show targets and garners the attention of men, specifically men between the ages of 20 and 40.

When AEW launched its weekly television show, their goal was to create an alternative to WWE, and many are hoping that they’ll be able to create an alternative to WWE’s annual 2K series, which is, as of this writing, at its lowest point following the 2K20 debacle. In fact, the 2K series is in such a terrible place that the publisher decided to cancel 2K21 in favor of the recently revealed 2K Battlegrounds, which is an arcade-style wrestling game, similar to 2011’s WWE All-Stars.

There’s been no official news regarding an AEW video game since the company debuted on TNT last fall, but according to one of the promotion’s top stars, Kenny Omega, they’ll have something to show people much sooner than anyone expects. He also said that the reveal, whenever it happens, won’t feature any gameplay, but they should have something to show in the near future.

“Right now everything’s in a very preliminary phase,” Omega said. “I can’t talk too much about it, of course, because I really want to have something of material to show people when the time is right. And we’re working at such an incredible pace right now. I think maybe we’ll have something to show sooner than what people would expect. Not saying anything playable, but at least something to show people.”

Last summer, Yukes, who worked with 2K on every WWE game since 2013, decided to part ways with 2K, and ever since then, fans have speculated that they’ll shift their focus to an AEW video game. It’s possible that Yukes is currently working on a new pro wrestling title, as one of the developers recently said that he was playing WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain during a recent meeting. At the time, some believed that the statement was meant to tease a remake of the game, but that seems unlikely now that they’re no longer partnered up with 2K.

We’ll see whether or not we get an official announcement of an AEW video game before the end of this year, and given that nothing’s been revealed yet, the game will almost certainly be a next-gen release.