Kairosoft’s Shiny Ski Resort Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Week Worldwide

Kairosoft’s Shiny Ski Resort Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Week Worldwide
Credit: Shiny Ski Resort via Nintendo

Kairosoft’s Shiny Ski Resort was previously released on mobile devices two years ago. The business management game became a hit with players. Kairosoft recently announced that they were bringing the game onto the Nintendo Switch this week.

The game will be released on the same day globally. Often, games are only released in Japan until they are released outside the country. Now players experiencing the Winter months can enjoy a cold night in and manage a ski resort.

“Your story starts with a small hotel on a snowy mountain. Develop land to build a spectacular ski course, and obtain materials for use in constructing new hotel facilities. Make your hotel popular, and your ski course will benefit as well! Plus you’ll become able to make products to sell in hotel shops and restaurants,” says the official Google Play description. “Expand your ski course and watch your guests polish their skills until they become ski pros, then have them represent your resort in ski contests, sporting sponsored items. Help your racer pull awesome tricks off ski jumps to win the race, and your sponsors will reward you handsomely, and value you even more.”

There are a variety of ways to play and enjoy Shiny Ski Resort. The end goal is to create a perfect resort for visitors to relax. The better the slopes, the more likely skiers can bring in the resort more significant profits and rewards. Ultimately, it’s up to the player on how they want to run their business.

Shiny Ski Resort will be released worldwide on the same day. Players in Japan, North America, and Europe will soon be able to pick up the title from the Switch eShop.

Kairosoft has developed several business management sim games in the past few years. Most recently, their Anime Studio Story mobile game was announced for release on the Nintendo Switch. The publisher has already released several of their sim titles on the Nintendo Switch in Japan, so more may be coming soon.

Shiny Ski Resort is in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, plus Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Kairosoft believes that the text is easy enough for children to build up their language-learning skills.

The preload began on January 30 for those looking forward to the Switch port.

Shiny Ski Resort launches on the Nintendo Switch on February 6, 2020.