Jizuke Joins Evil Geniuses To Round Up The Roster For The League Championship Series 2020

Jizuke Joins Evil Geniuses To Round Up The Roster For The League Championship Series 2020
Credit: Evil Geniuses via Twitter

Evil Geniuses bought the Echo Fox spot in the League Championship series after the Echo Fox organization was forced to dispose of their investment.

The first roster signing was Svenskeren and Zeyzal from Cloud9, which was surprising to the community and intrigued of who will be the remaining players.

With the latest announcement of Jizuke, the Evil Geniuses Roster if finalized for the next League Championship Series:

Top: Kumo

Jg: Svenskeren

Mid: Jizuke

AD: Bang

Support: Zeyzal

Coach: Irean

Kumo, Svenskeren, and Zeyzal joined the Evil Geniuses squad from the Cloud9 roster after a disappointing showing at the World Championship, failing to get out of groups for the first time at the World Championship. Jizuke had a rough season in Vitality and was subbed in by the Academy league mid laner a couple of times, but the Vitality team was still failing. Bang played with a rather mediocre team on 100 Thieves and barely qualified for playoffs during the latest split.

The top side of the new Evil Geniuses team looks to be the strongest point of the group, and everyone is unsure how Zeyzal will perform alongside Bang. Meanwhile, Jizuke seems to be the weakest link of the organization. The Evil Geniuses organization tried to go after ex-Griffin mid-laner Chovy and offered him what would be called the most significant esports contract to a western player, but the mid laner decided to remain in Korea and play for DragonX.

Evil Geniuses was part of LCS before with two teams in both the North American League and European League. It had multiple success in both leagues, but after a couple of seasons due to new restrictions regarding ownership, they were forced to forfeit their slots, their North American slot went to Winterfox in 2015, who were worthy successors.

The newly built team seems promising, but without seeing them on stage perform one alongside the other, it is hard to judge how well they’ll do.

On paper, the roster looks to be top 3/top 4, behind the upgrade rosters of Team Liquid/Team Solo Mid and possibly Cloud 9, but many teams were hyped up coming into the League Championship Series and failed miserably. Due to this, some skepticism should be kept about how well they’ll do and wait a couple of months until the games start.

While the fans were disappointed in Svenskeren, Kumo and Zeyzal leaving behind the Cloud9 family, they should be happy that they found a new home, where they can perform even better and show why they were pivotal in their Cloud9 wins.