In Order To Beat The Stress Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, First Unlock The Power Of Multi-Tasking

In Order To Beat The Stress Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, First Unlock The Power Of Multi-Tasking
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken over the digital world in recent weeks. Part of this is due to the existence of an ongoing quarantine. We all know, deep down inside, that this is the truth. There is one very powerful reason for the popularity of this tiny little video game: The opposite power of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This knowledge is enough to make all of us wonder if things had been different, would we still be playing this game? Don’t we have other things to do?

Well, as it turns out, the answer to this question is yes. We all do have other things to do, and some of us are locked up inside little meetings and things like this. So we have to keep abreast of the latest while also staying within our own little virtual worlds. There are only three matters of serious import in this universe: food, water, and shelter. But where do video games come in? This can only mean a few things, my young cosmonauts, so if you wish to know the truth of this reality, then please keep on reading.

One of the greatest dilemmas of this video game universe is this. The tiny creature we all know as the emperor raccoon, Tom Nook, is a capitalist of the highest order. He subjects the main character, you, into unfair debt slavery. You must then live in his world. Welcome.

This is not so different from the universe we all know and love. Especially if you aren’t so hip on the love part. Anyway, the stress begins to mount within the game universe from its first notes. Add in the fact that you are constrained by real-time hacks, and then you are going to find yourself in a world of pain and suffering. You MUST pay off your debt, little ones. But how should we characterize this?

It is, unfortunately, quite simple to understand. You are trapped and will be trapped for a long time. But there is at least some solace to be found here. Think about this, my friends: Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be played throughout the day instead of in large chunks.

Just use the real power of multi-tasking. Get in there when you are doing your business meeting over telecommute, or when you sit on the bus, or when you are listening to your favorite podcasts. Collect fish and bugs and find fossils. You can do this, can you not? Of course, you can! Because in this capitalist hellscape, multi-tasking is the only way to survive.