Slay The Spire 2.0 Finally Arrives On Consoles, Bringing The New Hero Watcher To Everyone

Slay The Spire 2.0 Finally Arrives On Consoles, Bringing The New Hero Watcher To Everyone
Credit: Mega Crit via YouTube

It’s bound to be mildly frustrating to be primarily a console gamer, and my heart goes out to them.  Updates that PC players will get a few moments after developers push them can take months to arrive on consoles, as various developers all want to examine the titles to ensure that it’s a safe title for the console to host.  Specifically, to ensure that the consoles can’t be reverse-engineered so they can be emulated or used to load illegal software.  It’s all seems a bit disingenuous to some, but that’s simply the beat of the drum that console players have to march to.

DRM is ingrained at the most minute level of consoles, and you’re stuck with what the developers want you to have.

Finally, Slay The Spire players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch all have access to Slay the Spire 2.0, bringing with it a multitude of content additions to the point of adding an entirely new hero.  If your spire runs have felt a bit too repetitive, the new 2.0 patch is sure to breathe new life into the title as you continue to hammer away at the heart of the engineering marvel.

The Watcher uses four separate stances to control her deck, and thus her hand.

A monk with mysterious origins, you can alter her playstyle using cards to build her up as an unmitigated tank, or specialize entirely in feeding enemies their teeth before they have a chance to take three turns.  Her unique stances offer a wide variety of different styles for players to experiment with, a welcome relief from the standard styles that the other three characters have.

Typically with the other characters, you’ll find precisely what works the best, as a combination of offense and defense, and then aim for that hand through all playthroughs in the most consistency you’ll find. What makes The Watcher wildly unique is that there are a wide variety of multiple tactics that you can use with her, and end up successful.

Note that you’ll need to unlock her; it’s not necessarily given to players simply for downloading the content.  Once you do, however, you have her for life.  This 2.0 patch is also completely free to download as a simple game update, including all of the new cards, relics, potions, and the Potions Lab.  Shows up right on time as we’re all stuck twiddling our thumbs until the current crisis is over.