As It Turns Out, Ultimate Alliance 3 Comes Out With Awesome New DLC For Marvel’s Famous Fantastic Four

As It Turns Out, Ultimate Alliance 3 Comes Out With Awesome New DLC For Marvel’s Famous Fantastic Four
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Following the critical and international success of the behemoth films we all know and respect within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the big brain geniuses over at Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics decided it was time to cash in on that success. How should one do this, however? Well, questions like these are never very easy to answer, are they? And that is exactly why they opted for the creation of a new kind of video game. We are talking about a game that no one in their right minds would ever be able to deny.

This is where the power of Ultimate Alliance 3 comes in. This is a game of the highest caliber, in a world where the size of the caliber is absolutely meaningless. (As if, for example, we were living in a world where every bullet was dipped in a powerful and stealthy poison.) But, nevertheless, the developers released a new Fantastic Four DLC to the game, and as it turns out, it is utterly incredible. Keep reading below to find out more about this very important topic.

The Ultimate Alliance framework is currently on the Nintendo Switch, and it is one of the strangest games out there right now. This is a game where people are asked to play up to their weaknesses and not their strengths. You are assigned a whole roster of superheroes, and you must train them as you attempt to collect more and more.

So how does this work out in practice? Well, as you can imagine, getting a dangerous foursome would seem to cause a massive imbalance to the entire game. But it doesn’t. In fact, it adds to the overall structure of the game in a rather dramatic fashion. We are talking about some superpowered twerps over here. The kind that, when working together, can accomplish any goal they set their mind to doing.

That’s why any rational player would choose to be Reed Richards, also known as Mister Fantastic, with his incredible bendy abilities. Let us not forget: He is also one of the smartest human beings within the Marvel Universe, and this power is where his true strength lies. It is absolutely incredible.

So, if you know you have a thing for the Marvel powerhouse, and if you also are one of those lucky few mega-fans who owns a Nintendo Switch, then go on and get yourself the Ultimate Alliance 3. Once you have done this, proceed to download the Fantastic Four DLC. You will not regret it. That’s for sure.