Chinatown Detective Agency Now Has A Free Demo Available On Itch.Io

Chinatown Detective Agency Now Has A Free Demo Available On Itch.Io
Credit: General Interactive Co. via YouTube

One of the more unique titles on Kickstarter right now is Chinatown Detective Agency. By the end of April, the developer is hoping to achieve a goal of $39,941. Right now, its around half of that so it seems like it will be on target.

Before the game gets officially released, though, General Interactive Co. is letting players enjoy the demo for free. It’s available right now through Itch.Io. The game looks very engaging from a visual and story-telling standpoint. It has cyberpunk vibes, which thanks to Cyberpunk 2077, are extremely popular right now in the gaming industry.

The game’s setting takes place in a futuristic Singapore. Every other place is now in chaos and even Singapore is on the verge of total government collapse. To restore order and attain some form of justice, citizens now rely on private detectives. They’re at the front lines dealing with cases about theft, corruption, and murder.

You get to play as a private detective named Amira Darma. She’s rising through the ranks and has a promising future ahead of her if she can stay on the straight and narrow. You’ll spend your time working with clients and helping them deal with crimes of serious nature.

There are plenty of characters you can look forward to talking with, and based on impressions from the demo, the dialogue seems very competent. You’re captivated by every conservation as it could prove vital to breaking the case at hand. The point-and-click nature is very easy to pick up, whether you’re looking for clues or trying to track down the whereabouts of a criminal on the run.

There are over 30 locations for you to explore in this beautiful futuristic version of Singapore. Chinatown Detective Agency really gets the cyberpunk tones down perfectly as is clear with the tall structures and neon lights. You just want to spend hours going through every nook and cranny as detective Amira Darma.

For a point-and-click detective game, the voice dialogue is great. You can tell a lot of time was spent giving each character depth and personality. That should make your interactions all the more intriguing and easy to recall later on. You even get to take control of a budget system involving bills and resources.

You couldn’t ask for a better detective experience that puts unique visuals and character engagement at the forefront. The demo should give you a good appetizer of what’s to come in the full version.