I, Dracula: Genesis Is Bringing Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooting To Steam’s Early Access

I, Dracula: Genesis Is Bringing Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooting To Steam’s Early Access
Credit: Moregames via YouTube

A brand spanking new indie game studio called Moregames is working on the release of their very first title, and it seems to host lots of goodies for roguelike fans to explore.  Their first title is called I, Dracula: Genesis, and features an isometric perspective as players roam around procedurally generated realms blasting enemies into bits in the twin-stick shooter.

With an odd fusion of magic and cyberpunk, bounty hunters are to push through the bizarre lands to ultimately slay the lord of evil himself, Dracula.  Now this by itself doesn’t sound too terribly interesting, but I, Dracula: Genesis is bringing something just a little bit extra to the table that many other roguelikes ultimately lack: depth.

Moregames via YouTube

Something that The Binding of Isaac had accomplished remarkably well is synergy; one item by its lonesome might not feel like the most terribly interesting piece of gear.  When you combine it with others, however, you become some monstrous tear-vomiting horseman of the apocalypse.

IDG seems to be aiming for much of the same depth and synergy with its items, all upgradeable.  The Steam page for its Early Access warns players that they’ll eventually become overpowered demi-gods, running around the game gibbing everything in spectacular fashion.  If you don’t like the gear you’re getting, you can break them down into crafting parts and make something a bit more your style, or mod them and turn them into even more frightful machines of wanton death.

While you may be concerned about the gameplay being far too easy while you’re walking around like a juggernaut of death, Moregames promises fans that this game will scratch that ‘hardcore gaming itch’, bringing lots of death to the four various bounty hunters that players can currently choose from on Early Access release.  The Early Access part seems more cautionary than anything else; IDG boasts having 160 various enemies along with 20 bosses, all unique.

Additionally, the game boasts a total of 1,200 items that you can play with as you kill your way to Dracula himself.  From relics to weapons, consumables, perks, and an unholy abomination of everything in between, the possible synergies could very well be endless.

Moregames via YouTube

There already seems to be a hefty amount of gameplay available, but Moregames wants to add some more polish onto the title that they’ve been working on for the past five years.  Their goal on starting was frankly a bit lofty:  Simply build the best roguelike humanly possible.

It looks like soon we’ll be able to decide just how close Moregames came to it.