Roguelite I, Dracula: Genesis Gets Its Official Release Date For Steam: May 22

Roguelite I, Dracula: Genesis Gets Its Official Release Date For Steam: May 22
Credit: I, Dracula: Genesis via MoreGames

Who hasn’t been itching to play as a bounty hunter in the shape of a hand that uses bizarre weaponry to murder monstrosities across a variety or worlds? I’ve given the upcoming I, Dracula: Genesis a very hearty shake recently, exploring what the isometric roguelike is offering to bring to the table after a steady five years of development: the short of it is it’s something that you should absolutely have your fingers on the pulse of as they’re looking to enter Steam’s Early Access program, which has helped shape impeccable titles in the past.

If you’re a fan of oodles of content being stuffed into a very tightly-knit roguelike, with bizarre weaponry and murderous foes, absurd bosses, and equally strange NPCs, it’s right up your alley.

Coming as the first official title from the development studio Moregames that have resolved to create ‘the greatest roguelike ever’, the title seems to be actually beginning that monumental climb to become a ‘must-play’ title of the genre. With the ability to break down weapons and add the upgrades to other items, hundreds of various upgrades, an in-depth class system that can readily alter your playstyle, and perhaps some of the strangest characters I’ve seen since experimenting in college, this is a title that could leave the fabled Early Access program with a statement of tenacity.

Moregames has finally announced the release date for I, Dracula: Genesis, and the entire party begins on May 22, 2020.

The second part of this announcement is that the developer plans on reaching well beyond Steam once they get some feedback and additional polish added onto the title: it’s planned on coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021, presuming that there are no sudden barriers that inevitably stand in the way.

Finally, the developer has stated that they’re looking into online multiplayer once the title sells one million copies. It actually makes sense to put that gate in, as the developers will need to halt, however momentarily, developing the core gameplay experience in order to offer users the ability to play together. Once the community grows large enough, Moregames will begin the frankly arduous process of bringing multiplayer roguelike action to fans.

The twin-stick action frenzy isn’t for everyone, and Moregames is walking into the process well understanding that. The title can quickly become a bullet-hell as the bounty hunter frantically dodges waves of projectiles while attempting to continue to damage the foes, the RNG aspect can make runs particularly challenging, and this is on top of what is already a hectic experience that will challenge both your skills and patience. For players that are more than ready for a challenge, however, the latter half of the month is sure to bring a delicious treat.