Humble Bundle Adds The Flame In The Flood and Unparallel To Their Humble Trove

Humble Bundle Adds The Flame In The Flood and Unparallel To Their Humble Trove
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Humble Bundle has a plethora of titles that are available to download and play for any subscribers of the Humble Choice, and every month they bring new games from underrated indie games to horror, and everything in between.

Currently, the Humble Trove contains a solid library of almost 100 games, all DRM-free and quickly downloaded.  Note that you can’t add the Humble Trove titles to your Steam platform library, even if they’re available on the Steam platform.  So while the download doesn’t necessarily expire if your subscription does, you can’t really include them in other platforms, meaning that they end up as randomly floating executables in your digital storage.

For many, that is a pretty big downside of the service, as managing the titles can become a bit tedious.  The libraries offering more than makes up for that negative, featuring games such as SomaThe Bridge, The Sexy Brutale, and many other highly rated titles.  Today, The Flame in the Flood and Unparallel join the vault of games that are available for subscribers.

The Flame in the Flood costs $14.99 on the Steam store, and currently holds 75% recommended out of 1,790 on the platform.  The title is out for PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, featuring a survival roguelike experience.  The core gameplay loop is played out on a river current in a post-apocalyptic America, and you stop at areas on either side of the current to find food, shelter, and materials for crafting.

It’s a bit difficult due to a lack of tutorials, leaving the player to end up dying while surrounded by resources with no idea as to how to use them.  Some other design decisions ultimately bog down what could have been an impeccably charming survival experience, and the game often produces unfair situations with no chance of survival.  If you can grit your teeth through the more dire circumstances, however, you’ll find a charming tale about surviving on your own with pleasant music and adorable graphics.

If The Flame in the Flood has done the entire playability circuit, Unparallel is the complete opposite.  Published by Humble, Unparallel is a poignantly small indie title about being stuck in a testing chamber.  Players must solve puzzles using mirrors that unlock further clues and mechanics on progressing.  Developed by Parenthesix, the isometric view of the rooms is helpful as you move alternate versions of yourself through labyrinths.

It’s an interesting title, although decidedly short and small on the budget.  If you’re a fan of puzzles, however, it’s worth taking a look at.