Horizon Zero Dawn Is Officially Coming To PC This Summer According To Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Officially Coming To PC This Summer According To Sony
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

One of the better exclusives that’s shown up on the PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s one of the more unique action RPGs in some time, featuring a world controlled by monstrous machines. The game does a great job at building an exciting and perilous world that you just want to start exploring from the jump.

It seemed like this game would stay a PS4 exclusive until recently when reports starting trickling in about a PC release. Well, Sony has confirmed this early report at long last and it will be coming this summer. The news comes directly from the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Hermen Hulst.

It’s a pretty huge decision from Sony. Up until this announcement, they’ve never really gotten behind PC gaming. Of course they wouldn’t considering their eggs are in the console basket. However, as more and more gamers are moving towards PCs, Sony recognizes the need to evolve and change up their tactics. This latest PC port is evidence of that, and frankly, that’s great to see.

There are no reports of Guerrilla Games developing the PC port directly, but it wouldn’t be surprising. They did an amazing job with the PS4 exclusive, which came out back in 2017. Even to this day, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the more beloved RPGs amongst the gaming community.

The story is just so fascinating. Why are there now giant machines walking the planet and who is responsible for their creation? These thoughts will stay with you as you try to take them down one by one. Like the Monster Hunter games, there is a wide variety of threats to duke it out with. Each one is skilled in a different department, which makes it necessary to sometimes sit back and scope out their behavior from a distance.

Guerrilla Games has given you a bevvy of resources to use for combat, such as spears and other melee-based weapons. Overall, the combat is phenomenal. There’s a lot of satisfaction planning the perfect trap and coming up with a strategy for each of the machines. As you progress in the story, you’ll have the chance to level up the game’s main protagonist — Aloy. She’s a fierce hunter and is beautifully voice-acted.

Experiencing this RPG on the PC with advanced graphics and performance sounds like an amazing time right out of the gate. It looks like PC gamers are in store for a real treat thanks to Sony’s efforts to expand their reach in the gaming industry.