HORI Releases New Line Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Accessories

HORI Releases New Line Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Accessories
Credit: Hori Official Website

HORI has announced its line of Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed accessories are now available on their website. The accessories are officially licensed products with Nintendo.

HORI initially announced they were teaming up with Nintendo to release Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed accessories in January. The items were available for pre-order for a few months before going live on their website. Only two items are available to users in English, while the others are sold on Amazon Japan.

The line includes multiple items with similar color and pattern themes that all match. The range contains accessories plus carrying bags for taking island adventures on the go.

The Vault Case has an image of the village, along with tens and the Nook family on the island. The image was also used in Nintendo’s promotional screenshots. The case holds ten game cards and is compatible with both the original Switch and Switch Lite. The interior of the case is the same light green that matches the Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch.

The DuraFlexi Protector is a sturdy but flexible shell that is easy to attach and remove. The case also has an Animal Crossing pattern on the exterior.

There is a purchase limit for the items at this time.

The Japanese Animal Crossing: New Horizons accessories all have the same off-white and AC pattern design. The accessories include a charging stand for the console that fits both the original version and the Switch Life.

The two soft cases include a Nintendo Switch zipper case with two pockets that can be work as a shoulder sling bag. Additional options include a tote bag with a front pocket, square-shaped storage soft case, and a thin softshell case pouch with a side zipper and front pocket that holds the console and game cartridges.

While these items are not available on the English HORI website, players can purchase them on Amazon Japan. The wait will likely be much longer because it’s shipped internationally, plus many deliveries have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, HORI has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. They announced on Twitter that they are experiencing some delays in logistics and customer service. If fans purchase the accessories from the HORI website, they should expect a longer wait for their items to ship.