Here Are All The Games Coming To Microsoft Xbox One This Week, Need for Speed Heat, Wizards of Brandel, Football Game

Here Are All The Games Coming To Microsoft Xbox One This Week, Need for Speed Heat, Wizards of Brandel, Football Game
Credit: Origin

Microsoft revealed all the games that will be released this week on their Xbox One console. It will not be such a busy week as only 9 games are lined up for release.

Below is the full list of games, including some of the main highlights.

November 5
Today, four games will be released.
– Alwa’s Awakening
– Just Dance 2020
– The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold
– Football Game
Highlights: Embark on a new 8-bit adventure game; Alwa’s Awakening and use your magic staff and proceed to a massive world where you will solve puzzles. Fight enemies and defeat bosses to aid in freeing the land of Alwa.

November 6
Only one game will be released on Wednesday.
– Wizards of Brandel
Highlights: Do not miss this new fantasy RPG adventure. Play as the young wizard Darius who loses his house after he fails to pay a loan and ends up living in the house of a wanted sorcerer. Explore the secret dungeons and towns and get to experience the weapon strengthening, the arena and item crafting.

November 7
Just like on Wednesday, Thursday will be a slow day too with one game dropping.
– Stay Cool, Kobayashi-San!: A River City Ransom Story
Highlights: Meet Masao Kobayashi the man who reigns in Reihō Academy. He meets Kouki Mizoguchi, the man who is chasing an evil organization. Kobayashi’s friend gets abducted by the evil organization, and although he plays it cool, he is burning with anger inside. He has to fight the evil organization to rescue his friend and bring and an end to this organization.

November 8
Three games will be released on Friday.
– Need for Speed Heat
– Tanky Tanks
– Sturmwind EX
Highlights: Explore this upcoming new season of racing game, Need for Speed Heat set in an open world called Palm City. Players can switch between day and night. Play by engaging in sanctioned race events during day time and win cash to spend on cars upgrade or get new ones. At night, risk it all and take part in an illegal street car race to earn rep. Escape the cops and go back to the safehouse before they arrest you.

The games coming to Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Switch have also been confirmed. PlayStation fans will benefit the most as two AAA titles will be releasing; Need For Speed Heat and Death Stranding. In total, 15 games will be coming to PlayStation4, PS Vita and PS VR. As for Nintendo, 30 games are lined up for release.

The list of Xbox Games With Gold for November has been also released. Xbox fans will be able to download and play for free four games. These are Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, The Final Station, Joyride Turbo and Star Wars Jedi Starfighter.