US Walmarts Pokémon Pass Offering Special Trainer Outfit Codes For Sword And Shield

US Walmarts Pokémon Pass Offering Special Trainer Outfit Codes For Sword And Shield
Credit: Pokemon Website

The Pokémon Company is preparing for the upcoming launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield with a few limited edition outfits. One of the first to be spotted in the wild was an orange “Trainer” outfit at a Walmart in the US.

A gamer in the US recently spotted a new promotion at their local Walmart and shared the photo online. In the store, there is a display stating that players can earn a special “Trainer” outfit through the Pokémon Pass app.

The “Trainer” outfit is the same for the male and female protagonists. It is an orange outfit with a zip-up top with a dark brown t-shirt. There is also a matching orange cap. Many have compared it to a basic tracksuit.

Players can access the outfit by downloading the free Pokémon Pass app on a mobile device. They log in with their Pokémon Trainer Club ID or create an account.

Gamers will be required to visit a Walmart store in-person. From there, they scan the in-store QR store to receive a unique code to use in either Pokémon Sword or Shield. They can enter the code in-game to receive the outfit.

For those worried they’ll have to scan multiple QR codes, there’s only one available. It will game players access to both the male and female Trainer outfit.

All of the steps to get the Trainer outfit are free, from downloading the Pokémon Pass app to receiving a code. The only purchase gamers will need to make is for Pokémon Sword or Shield.

It’s also unknown if players can get around visiting a Walmart store to access the QR code by scanning an image of it from another screen.

The Trainer outfit is a small bit of customization that will be available in the latest Pokémon title. Players can customize their character’s clothing, accessories, features, and more to make them stand out among the rest.

Additional in-game promotions are still unknown, but it’s highly likely other businesses will be offering limited content from the Pokémon Pass app.

Since the Pokémon Pass app is not yet available worldwide, this outfit is likely only for those registered in the US.

The special promotion is available from November 16-25, one day after Pokémon Sword and Shield is released on November 15.