Skybolt Zack – A Fast Paced Platformer – Battle Robots On Nintendo Switch November 7

Skybolt Zack – A Fast Paced Platformer – Battle Robots On Nintendo Switch November 7
Credit: Dane Nintendo Switch World via YouTube

Skybolt Zack is releasing on Nintendo Switch this week! Here’s everything gamers need to know, from what the game is, how to play it, and how to get their hands on it.

What is Skybolt Zack?

Skybolt Zack is a unique platformer arcade-style game. It uses a color-matching system of play to progress through the game. The game engages players with fast-paced action and bumping music inspired by famous platformers’ soundtracks from the ‘90s.

What is the plot of Skybolt Zack?

Skybolt Zack has been tasked to rid the world of Dr. Kaz’s robot army. The gamer will play as Skybolt Zack as he travels through different levels, destroying all the robots in his way.

Here is the official Skybolt Zack trailer:

Skybolt Zack gameplay:

This is a unique game as it functions as a platformer, but it also uses different mechanics instead of the classic jumping platformer. It is a music game where the player dictates their rhythm by destroying color coated enemies.

Each enemy color corresponds to a button on the Switch controller. Players will attack enemies by pushing the appropriate button.

As Skybolt Zack attacks the enemies, he will be flying through the level, with rocking music as the background, and a screen full of attractive animation.


There are different routes within each level, and the player will have to decide the best way to navigate them. There is no difficulty setting for the game as the routes will dictate the challenge. Beginners will take the lower routes, and the pros will choose the higher paths.

Players will have to complete 48 levels if they want to save the world from Dr. Kaz. Fifteen environments are divided up into five worlds.


The player can customize their controller to match what button and colored enemy works best for them. There is also a color-blind option if that suits the player more.


There are two worldwide leaderboards gamers can aspire to make. One is for the highest score, and the other is for the best time on every level.

Superplayer modes:

There are two additional gameplay modes besides the story mode:
– Time Attack: This mode is for players that want to master the art of speed. This mode will provide tools to help players improve their speed run.
– Score Attack: This mode is for players that want to score as many points as possible.

Supported Nintendo Switch play mode:
Skybolt Zack can be played using TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

The number of players?
Skybolt Zack is a single-player game.

Publisher and Developer:
GMG Label is the publisher of Skybolt Zack, and DEVS MUST DIE is the developer.

Release date:
Skybolt Zack comes out for Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2019.

What is the cost and where to buy it?
The game will cost $19.99, and gamers can buy it right from Nintendo’s eshop.

Download size:
The file size is 4.1 GB.

What other platforms is the game available on?
Skybolt Zack is available on PC via Steam on November 7, 2019.