Should You Do The Thiago Silva OTW SBC In FIFA 21? Good Defensive Stats, Terrible Pace

Should You Do The Thiago Silva OTW SBC In FIFA 21? Good Defensive Stats, Terrible Pace
Credit: EA

Thiago Silva made a headline transfer to Chelsea in the summer transfer window and is destined to fulfill a captain’s role at the club. To celebrate the transfers, EA has released an OTW SBC for Thiago Silva which will receive upgrades based on his weekly performance (if he gets an inform card or not.)

The main issue with this card is the very low pace stats. FIFA 21 is heavily dependent on pace stats, like the FIFA before it, and Thiago just doesn’t cut it when it comes to chasing down rapid meta attackers. Even though his defensive stats are great, he would need 2-3 informs before getting a big enough pace boost for him to be considered a “meta” player.

However, despite the low pace and the fact the card might never become meta, it’s currently sitting at around 17k to solve it. This is very cheap, and with one or two upgrades Thiago Silva could make a pretty great mid-game CB. He also provides decent links to players like Eder Militao and Ederson in goal.

Here are Thiago Silva’s stats from Futbin. That defending and physicality make him a top tier defender for his rating when it comes to pure strength, but it’s the 57 acceleration that lets the card down. His passing and dribbling are also fine.

How likely is Thiago Silva to get an inform? It’s hard to say exactly – Chelsea has performed in a pretty mixed way so far in the league, although defense is an area that they need to strengthen. They have the capability to become a top 4 team this season, but it’s not guaranteed.

Even with two inform cards over the life cycle of the game, Thiago Silva would still struggle in terms of stats, especially when other defenders will be receiving informs and boosts throughout the year.

For a price tag that comes in under 20k, this card is a weird investment. The only issue is that this SBC provides you with an untradeable Thiago Silva, which means your coins are essentially disappearing into the void unless he receives 4-5 informs over the season.

Overall, this is a lower-tier SBC and probably not worth doing unless you’re a Chelsea fan or have the belief that that the team will do exceptionally well this season. There are many more meta defenders available for a bargain price compared to this card. At 17k for a 85 rated, you could see the value in this card as an investment for future objectives that require a first owner team.