Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is A New Game That Lets You Take Apart Spaceships, Pay Off Your Debt In This First-Person Simulator

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is A New Game That Lets You Take Apart Spaceships, Pay Off Your Debt In This First-Person Simulator
Credit: Focus Home Interactive via Youtube

Virtual Reality games have grown immensely over the last few years, and now a new unique VR experience has presented itself. If you have ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in debt to a megacorp in the far future, then Hardspace: Shipbreaker might be the immersive experience for you.

In the far future, you work on a salvage crew cutting up spaceships, and taking anything valuable from within it help pay off your debt. How much do you owe? Well, only 999,999,999 credits and rising. This game is a quest to reduce our debt while making increasingly hard decisions as you cut ships apart.

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As a loyal member of Lynx Corp, you get to experience daily life as a shipbreaker. You get to pay off your debt, purchase o gear, and even pay for the ships you bust open. It is a big circle of spending money to earn money to spend it once again.

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You start the game equipped with the latest in Lynx technology, allowing you to carve entry points and explore the wreckage of dead ships. Using your cutting tool, you explore the vessel in hopes of finding something valuable to make it worth your time. Be careful as there is danger within every vessel, and dying will only go to increase your debt to the company.

This is a blue-collar job of the future as you cut and destroy all the ships you come across. Using a next-generation physics simulation engine, the game responds as believably as possible.

You are stuck with one hard decision to make throughout your journey. Pay off your debt, or upgrade your tools. The better your gear, the more advanced contracts you can pick up, but the higher your debt will grow. Balance work, debt, and survival in this one of a kind space-simulation experience.

This is one of many new space games looking to make it big in the upcoming year. For more information on Hardpsace: Shipbreaker, you can join their Discord server. Their development team is always accepting feedback to help make the game an even more believable and enjoyable experience in space.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker will be releasing on Steam early access sometime in the Summer of 2020. The early access launch will only include the first act of the campaign along with a sandbox mode for infinite ship cutting goodness. More features and the remainder of the campaign are expected to be added at a later date.

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UPDATE: The developer have since stated that they do not intend on a VR release. Instead, they are focusing their efforts on providing the best PC experience possible.