Halo Waypoint Wishes Everyone A Happy ‘Halodays’, Shows Halo: Combat Evolved Screencap

Halo Waypoint Wishes Everyone A Happy ‘Halodays’, Shows Halo: Combat Evolved Screencap
Credit: VG Trailers via YouTube

HaloWayPoint is the stomping ground of the development team responsible for bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Steam (and PC in general), so it’s wise to watch their blog for various tidbits that may otherwise slip by unnoticed.

In their most recent blog post, they reiterate that they’re continuing to work on bug-fixes for Halo: Reach, including sound design, frame stuttering, key-bindings for push-to-talk ability, and mouse input.  Thankfully, they’ve also announced that they’re looking at the crouch-while-moving issue that has frustrated some that are used to more modern controls.

They note that they’re currently still looking at fixes, and for the meantime to expect it to remain as it was on the Xbox 360 release.

Beyond Halo: Reach, however, they also discuss aspects of the next iteration of the Halo franchise coming to PC in a remastered form.  Halo: Combat Evolved is currently in what they consider to be pre-alpha, and the list of things that they’re working on is as long and varied as Master Chiefs claims to fame.  That being said, they look to be on track to begin their flights in January, as we reported.

Flights don’t mean release, despite what some may believe.  Flights mean that they’ll start testing it, perhaps via closed alpha’s and betas, as they continue to hone the experience that they want users to have in the first foray as Master Chief.

They also proffered a rare screencap of what Halo: Combat Evolved currently looks like and it’s…decidedly a bit undercooked.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see that progress is being made, and that we’ll all be able to relive the Master Chief’s first iconic mission in due time.

Beyond this small amount of content, and the restating of the current Winter holiday event that was recently covered, there are also random bug-fixes that 343 divulges and explains their testing process.  They reiterate yet again the leavers and griefers will soon experience the unceremonious ban-hammer if their behavior continues; although a lump of coal would be a bit more in tune with the holidays.

With 343 Industries already storied development achievements and accomplishments, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is in very capable hands, in a controlled environment.  It may arguably be one of the safest game purchases for the next couple of years, as everyone invested in this remaster fully understands the fragility of the olive branch currently being extended between console to PC.

Here’s hoping that nothing goes wrong.