Session Won’t Be Releasing For The Xbox One In 2019, But The Authentic Skateboarding Experience Is Worth The Wait

Session Won’t Be Releasing For The Xbox One In 2019, But The Authentic Skateboarding Experience Is Worth The Wait
Credit: Boomstick Gaming via YouTube

Skateboarding games have a special place for a lot of gamers today. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series championed in these action sports game back in the 90s. The Skate series furthered these games with authentic controls. Now, it looks like the skateboarding game Session is keeping this genre alive and well.

This game created a frenzy when it was first put in Early Access on Steam. Players were memorized by the authentic controls. There really is no other skating game quite like Session. It all feels so real and it’s what you would want out of a game like this.

PC players have had a good time with the game, and this had made console owners wonder when they would be able to get their hands on these realistic skateboarding mechanics. This is particularly true for Xbox One users.

The game’s creator — Crea-ture Studios — originally planned for an Xbox One release sometime in 2019. However, considering that the year is drawing to a close and there have been no reports of an official launch, it’s pretty safe to assume 2020 is the probable target release window.

Although delays are never what gamers want to hear, the wait is certainly worth it with Session. Everything about this game has been nailed down perfectly by the developers. You can tell this was a real passion project for them. Anytime this happens, gamers benefit in the end.

What gamers are really raving about are Session’s controls. As mentioned earlier, they’re super realistic and pretty difficult at times. Instead of just controlling one stick, you control two. Thus, you have to balance out the board perfectly when flipping or turning it in various directions.

Timing is essential for nailing down a trick, even something simple like an ollie. You also have the ability to customize how fast your board spins, which is a level of detail that we haven’t quite seen in a game like this.

Given that the controls are so realistic, there is an added level of difficulty. That’s not a bad thing either. You’ll often find yourself trying to nail down a combo of tricks for hours. However, when you finally complete something you’ve been trying for so long, an immense rush of satisfaction pours over you. In this way, you’ll want to revisit Session over and over again.

Even if Session doesn’t come out until the end of 2020, the wait will pay off in the end.