God of War Sequel Could Be One Of The First Exclusives Announced For The PlayStation 5

God of War Sequel Could Be One Of The First Exclusives Announced For The PlayStation 5
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

We are less than a year away from the release of Sony’s next major console, the PlayStation 5. While the console’s unannounced holiday release date is approaching rapidly, we don’t really know anything about it, including which games it will feature.

There are strong rumors that one of the first announced games for the PS5 will be none other than God of War 5, the anticipated sequel to the Smash 2018 hit, God of War.

God of War was a new jumping on point for players who had no history with the franchise up to that point. That is likely why they called the game God of War and not God of War 4. As such, it’s unlikely that God of War 5 would have that title, but it remains to be seen.

Neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studios have announced that this game is even in production, but most gamers are reading between the lines, determined to uncover some news about the sequel to one of the best exclusives for the PlayStation 4.

A recent tweet by Kim Newman, the narrative animator for Santa Monica Studios, has led many to believe that not only is work underway on God of War 5, it is well underway.

Newman tweeted a photo of herself performing motion capture work, saying, “it feels good to be back in the suit.”

While she did not specifically say what project she was working on, the entire gaming world seems to be united on there being only one possibility: God of War 5.

Not only would this be our first inkling that this game is in development, it could also be a hint at how far along in development it is.

Motion capture work typically doesn’t happen until pre-production is complete. However, many have suspected that the work Newman is doing could be for an early announcement trailer that might accompany the official unveiling of the PlayStation 5.

God of War director Cory Barlog recently stated that he is sure that the unveiling of the new system will take place sometime in February. This has led to speculation that a trailer for God of War 5 will be right there alongside it.

While motion capture work was once a sure sign that a game was in the mature stages of development, nowadays it doesn’t necessarily mean that. Many modern games begin mo-cap early on and it continues deep into development.

Rumors, however, persist that God of War 5 could be looking at a 2022 release. With nothing confirmed, we will take this as pure rumor for now and wait to see what happens when and if the PlayStation 5 is unveiled next month.