Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Making All Paid Content Free, But It May Be Too Little Too Late

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Making All Paid Content Free, But It May Be Too Little Too Late
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has had an incredibly rough start. After a beta test that was poorly received, the full launch of the game didn’t manage to fix the issues that a lot of players had.

One of the biggest complaints is the presence of over 40 cosmetic items that were locked behind microtransactions, including new armors styles, emote, and more. It seems the Ubisoft has realized what a huge mistake it was to lock players out of simple cosmetic items, and has decided to make all of the available items free for all players. While it’s definitely a step in the right direction, many fans are still unhappy that it happened to begin with.

Microtransactions are always at the center of controversy in any new game, as players have been very vocal in recent years about their disapproval of such business practices. Because of the Ubisoft’s insistence on continuing to offer features and gear locked behind a paywall, many have outright stopped playing Breakpoint, and the reviews have been so negative that potential players have been turned off from picking up the game altogether. For those that have already payed for said cosmetic items, it’s even more of a blow, as they are not going to be refunded any money that was spent.

While Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was a highly-anticipated title over the past year, the game has fallen way short of expectations. The story, which presents itself as the story of a lone-wolf facing off against an army of former Ghosts, has been heavily criticized for not meshing well with the multiplayer-focused looter-shooter gameplay. Character progression, which is all based around finding new gear to equip, sell, or dismantle for components, seemingly has no real impact on the game. Going up against high-level enemies even as a low-level Ghost doesn’t feel much different than having yourself equipped with high-level gear.

It seems that Ubisoft was trying to take everything they built with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which was generally well-received, and combine it with their other mega-hit looter-shooter The Division 2. Unfortunately for most, the two just don’t blend very well. The game also suffers from a wealth of unfixed bugs, poor cover-based combat, and other strange gameplay issues that should have been ironed out before the full release.

The game most recently launched its first raid, Project Titan, which takes place in a brand-new area known as Golem Island. The island is home to a massive volcano which is set to erupt at some point during the first day of release. The raid has players taking on a new faction known as The Red Wolves as the fight to gather intel on the mysterious Project Titan. During the raid, players will face off against four unique bosses; Baal, Cerberus, Gargoyle, and finally, the Quantum Computer.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.