Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide: Here Are Tips That Will Help You Stay Alive In Tom Clancy’s Latest Title

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide: Here Are Tips That Will Help You Stay Alive In Tom Clancy’s Latest Title
Credit: CJS CD Keys

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an online tactical shooter video game set in an open world called Aurora. This is a fictional island of mercenaries, drones, mud, and danger. Staying alive isn’t by chance; it is a choice. Below are tips to help you camouflage, shoot, and stay alive in Aurora.

Your survival in Ghost Recon depends on how much you know about your enemy. Find the best hiding spot and know your enemy’s location, the equipment they are using, and exit routes before engaging. Be keen on the minimap as it shows the location of enemies (the red splotches on the map) and whether they have spotted you. You can also throw the drone to view your enemies’ site, movement, and activities.

Always hide
In Breakpoint, stay hidden all the time since enemies can detect you through sound or gunfire, visually, and through the carnage, you might have left behind. Look for the best way to camouflage like rolling in mud ant staying still or crawl when your enemies are approaching your location. Before shooting, aim your antagonist well, and change position between shots by crawling.

Look after yourself
Ghost Recon Breakpoint puts more emphasis on survival, so do not ignore your safety. Stamina and injury are the two survival elements in this third-person shooter game. Stamina dictates how fast you can sprint and smoothly transverse the terrain. When you are injured, deal with any injury asap as you might be ambushed while weak. Always hydrate, avoid pushing yourself beyond your limit and eat when possible, and your stamina and health will be at its best.

Pin your objectives
Pin your objectives and get ahead of your enemies. Pin your side missions, Ghost war, weapon, and attachments on HUD, which can be viewed by clicking on the TAB key. Once you pin an attachment, it is color-coded and gets a similar look with a pip on the HUD. This guides you on where to go without having to read a single word.

Call for help
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint features drop-in/drop-out co-op. invite a friend or open your game to the public by pressing the O key. While doing this, someone spots the enemy covers you, and you will be able to attack the enemies with guns in certain vehicles as you drive. This plan can also fail and ruin the sneaking plan.

All these tips will help you survive and win battles in the land of Aurora.