Xaomi Flagship Black Shark 2 Gets An Update To Include The Google Wellbeing, Major Bug Fixes, And The Gamedock 4.0

Xaomi Flagship Black Shark 2 Gets An Update To Include The Google Wellbeing, Major Bug Fixes, And The Gamedock 4.0
Credit: GSMArena Official via YouTube

Just a few weeks ago, the Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi, rolled out a stable version of the new firmware Android 9 Pie to its original Black Shark mobile phone. Though the model was released back in April 2018, it runs using Android Oreo, and the OS setup provided out of the box.

With the recent release of the Android 9 Pie, it’s easy enough that the cell phone model would follow the latest OS platform release. The Black Shark 2 mobile was announced back in March, and the phone was released in the same month.

Xiaomi, though, would be rolling out an updated version of the unit with built numbers SKYW1909192OS01MP4 or SKYW1909192OS00MP4. The new phone will also bring in new optimization features and several updates to enhance its performance and services. In addition to the latest build numbers, Black Shark 2 will also have a security upgrade, bringing the device to a newer capacity with the August 2019 Android Security update.

With the update also comes several extra features, including Google’s Digital Wellbeing. This new Black Shark feature will allow you to track the amount of time you spend on an app. Just like the iOS time limit settings, you can set time-limits on your apps and track your usage based on how many times you’ve opened the app.
The Digital Well-being also can get you informed about which notifications catches your attention throughout the day.

With the update also comes the Game Dock 4.0 and Shark Time. The new update will also have improvements for the notification area, including a lock screen swipe-off feature and drop-down gestures.

The Black Shark 2 will also have language enhancement support, which would make the Arabic and the Lithuanian languages accessible on the device. On the technical side, Xiaomi has also provided improvements for the fingerprint unlocking problem and the default setting of time zones.

With the tech update also includes optimization of the camera anti-banding, speeds for fingerprint unlocks, FaceUnlock power consumption rates, and the language translation features.

With a handful of updates on the recent firmware improvement, the Xiaomi flagship phone will have better performance and more helpful features. The addition of the Google Digital Wellbeing is good enough, especially for phone users who are trying to limit their onscreen time.