Fallout 4 Mod Brings Doom And Wolfenstein-Inspired Armor And Suits To The Commonwealth

Fallout 4 Mod Brings Doom And Wolfenstein-Inspired Armor And Suits To The Commonwealth
Credit: Klone Wolf via YouTube

Would it not be a blast to experience the features of three games in just one title? A new Fallout 4 mod will allow players to do this. Outfits, armor, weapons, and quests coming from the world of Doom and Wolfenstein can be utilized on the post-apocalyptic RPG.

Its creator describes the Blackowicz mod as a fanboy software mod. This mod features a range of features that are inspired by the hit Doom and Wolfenstein games.

In BJ’s workshop, players can find two outfits which can be upgraded at the armor workbench. One of these getups is the famous yellow jacket and front-zipped trousers of Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

The other outfit is a leather jacket from the Wolfenstein: The New Order. These two gets ups can be worn by both male and female Fallout 4 characters. Moreover, they are equipped with special effects that can increase players’ stats if their health falls below 25 percent.

Another outfit is the Doom 16 Praetor armor suit, which is the one utilized by the Doom slayer. Among the suit’s features is boosted movement speed, as well as jump power that allows players to inflict maximum mayhem.

The Praetor suit also provides players with a skill called Glory Kill. When utilized, it can blow up enemies with less than 10 percent of health. This suit also comes with a custom jetpack, which will give Fallout 4 players greater mobility.

Aside from these eye-catching outfits and ultra-powered suit, the Fallout 4 mod also includes a double-barrel shotgun. Decals, an Old Blood type, and a Wolfenstein and a Blackowicz inspired mask also comes with the mod.

Players will also be pleased to know the mod includes three new quests. However, the mod page has not shared details on the first two quests. In the third quest dubbed “Harbinger of Doom,” players will be duking it out with a cyber demon from Doom 2016.

In the Fallout 4 mod’s final boss battle, gamers will be squaring off with the Icon of Sin. This demon is the toughest, as it possesses the Doom power armor. Players can download the Blackowicz Fallout mod at Nexus mods.

In the meantime, Halloween is just around the corner. Fallout 4 fans might now be thinking of ways to bring an air of spookiness into their homes. These players could likewise be exploring ideas on how to make their digital shelters creepy.

With a Halloween decor mod, players will be able to add items to their menus such as graves, pumpkins, and skeletons. Fallout 4 gamers will surely have a blast, as they spook each other out while fighting off a horde of mutants.