Sony’s Much Anticipated Playstation 5: When Is The Release Date And The Suggested Arrival Of The Next-Gen Gaming Device?

Sony’s Much Anticipated Playstation 5: When Is The Release Date And The Suggested Arrival Of The Next-Gen Gaming Device?
Credit: Tobe Gaming via YouTube

Sony has been tight-lipped about the release of their next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, in the last couple of months. While leaks and rumors continue to circulate online, many can’t help but wonder when the release date would be.

But as the Japanese console maker remains mum about the devise’ details, many still believe the announcement would be happening anytime now. Still, the question remains when the next-generation would appear in the market.

First, Sony still hasn’t announced the official name of the next-gen gaming console. And the name PlayStation 5, still plays on everyone’s mind because of the continued success of the high-end console.

The moniker is still a big question, and it’s possible that Sony would deliver an entirely different gaming device, as was previously reported. And aside from that, the ultimate question of when the new PS5 would be released still lingers on everyone’s mind.

With everyone speculating when the possible release date would be, the industry is still at a standstill. Many tech experts and analysts are still ruminating on the possible release date. A lot has been quick to suggest the yearend or possibly during the Holidays. But as the yearend draws near, it is becoming more and more impossible. So, more possibly, the release window date would be on first or second quarter next year.

But then again, these are mere speculations. Many still believe that the console would be released by the last quarter of 2020 and possibly by November. Again, it’s worth noting that these are just speculations.

Many leaks have also been sprouting online, saying they were gathered from reliable sources. In an industry where everyone tries to anticipate what is being done, these leaks may have some grain of truth to them or can be completely false from the beginning.

Though Sony still remains to have closely guarded even the tiniest detail to their next-gen console, Microsoft has done the complete opposite. The tech giant revealed that the Xbox Scarlett is slated for release during the 2020 Holidays.

Because the Japanese gaming console designer and maker is being secretive about the PS5, they might also be bringing the guns. The next-gen PlayStation might have better specs than reported or would be released before or even after the release of Microsoft’s gaming console entry, the Xbox Scarlett.