Hearthstone: Doom In The Tomb Event Planned For The Next Three Weeks, Will Be Halloween-Themed

Hearthstone: Doom In The Tomb Event Planned For The Next Three Weeks, Will Be Halloween-Themed
Credit: playhearthstone.com

There are plenty of goodies to be grabbed if you happen to a Hearthstone player. The online collectible card game has a new Halloween special event going on for the next three weeks. That means new cards, collectibles, and challenges to face.

Doom in the Tomb, officially begins on Tuesday, October 8th, at 8 PM EDT and will continue until October 30th. The event will build off of Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, and will feature different challenges during each of the three weeks of the event. There will also be new temporary cards as well as permanent collectibles. The event can be accessed by entering the Haunted Temple within the game.

Doom in the Tomb will be divided into three separate events lining up with each of the event’s three weeks. The first week lets you team up with the League of E.V.I.L. to delve into the Haunted Temple for a timed dungeon-clearing challenge. Any player who completes a run under one hour will receive a Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Pack. Those who complete it in under 40 minutes will earn a Golden Common Ancient Mysteries.

The second week follows the League of Explorers. This time, completing a run under an hour earns a Golden Common Temple Berserker while completing the run in under 40 minutes grants a Golden Rare Generous Mummy.

For the third week, things will be changed up a bit for what developers are calling a “Tavern Brawl.” This game mode will force players to strategize as their minions are continuously shuffled through their board positions. Players will also need to control Horseman’s time-shifted Dreadsteeds at the same time. To win, players will need to summon 100 Dreadsteeds. The reward? A Rise of Shadows Card Pack.

In addition to the new challenges, Blizzard will also unveil 23 new temporary cards. These cards will disappear before the next update on October 31st. So don’t count on them too much. Some of the cards include Astral Communion for Druids and Lock and Load for the Hunter, but every class will be receiving its own set of new cards.

Finally, players will get the unique opportunity to play dress-up at the Hallow’s End party within the game. Each player will get to choose their Hero and a different Hero power.

Hearthstone‘s Doom in the Tomb event will end on October 30th. Every player who manages to log into the game between the 8th and October 30th will also earn a complimentary five special card packs.