Ghost Of Tsushima Director Explains Why New Game Plus Was Added In Sucker Punch’s Latest Update

Ghost Of Tsushima Director Explains Why New Game Plus Was Added In Sucker Punch’s Latest Update
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

When Ghost of Tsushima was released back in July, it launched without an important feature: new game plus, meaning that if players wanted to replay the game after completing it, they’d have to start over from scratch without any of their acquired abilities or gear. Furthermore, playing through the game a second time was a bit tedious, as you weren’t given the ability to skip cutscenes.

Thankfully, Sucker Punch listened to the fans and addressed these issues in their latest update for the game, which was released on Friday morning.

In addition to adding the highly-anticipated Legends multiplayer, Sucker Punch also added a new game plus option to Ghost of Tsushima, which features new content and the ability to skip cutscenes.

During a recent interview with IGN, Nate Fox, the game’s director, explained why Sucker Punch decided to add a new game plus option, saying that it was the most requested feature following the game’s release.

“We want to give people New Game Plus because, frankly, people were clamoring for it. We kept getting requests, ‘I want to go in through the story again, I’ve got all of these abilities, I want to use them and experience some of these missions or some of the Mongol encampments.’ And so we came at it being very focused on delivering what we were being asked to do, which was let people have more time with their character that they’ve developed and with the equipment that they’ve earned.”

After players select the new game plus option from the main menu, they’ll restart Jin’s journey shortly after his duel with Khotun Khan. The player will retain all of their acquired gear, vanity items, charms, and abilities right from the beginning.

Also upon starting a new game, players will be given a new horse, and a new Ghost Flower merchant will appear on the map, who sells new charms and cosmetic items.

As a reward for completing quests in the new game plus mode, players will be given Ghost Flowers, which can be used to buy new items from the aforementioned merchant. So, redoing everything will give you a reward which can be used to acquire new stuff from the game’s new mysterious merchant.

The new game plus mode, and the Legends multiplayer are available now as a free update for Ghost of Tsushima. Of course, an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required to play the online-based Legends mode.