Minecraft Celebrates Halloween With Spooky Masks, Scary Limited Time Content For Minecraft And More!

Minecraft Celebrates Halloween With Spooky Masks, Scary Limited Time Content For Minecraft And More!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a vastly popular game that has only increased its monthly active player base from being close to 130 million active monthly player base while that number has increased to 131 million active monthly player base.

This increase in popularity motivates Mojang Studios, and other developers have led to Steve being added into Super Smash Bros and various other entertainment mediums. This has led to Steve and the Minecraft universe to be adapted for a variety of new players.

Minecraft has traveled to a medium that doesn’t require the Minecraft fans to pick up a book or start any video game time.

For Halloween, Mojang Studios have released DIY masks so that Minecraft fans can easily dress up as a variety of different mobs, both friendly and hostile.

These masks range from a Creeper, Pig, Vex, Iron Golem, Spider, and even the Illager. This allows your costumes to be friendly like a Pig or an Iron Golem, or a hostile mob like the Creeper or the Illager.

These masks print on normal paper or card stock (which would make the mask more durable, but you’d need to have cardstock on hand, and not everyone does), making them very accessible for virtually any Minecrafter looking to get into the spirit of Halloween while isolating.

Mojang Studios releases these masks for free download, in addition to these masks, Mojang Studios has released Pumpkin stencils, which allows any Minecrafter to have an Enderman coming out from a pumpkin or have a Creeper face as the face of your pumpkin.

If players aren’t heading out to create costumes or don’t want to carve a pumpkin, then Mojang Studios have also decided to add new Halloween themed content to both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft.

Minecraft’s new content will be starting on October 27th at 10 AM PST, and there will be items like a Free Skin Pack and even a super scary Character Creator Items. Sadly, The items will only be available until November 3rd at 10 AM PST, which means that players will need to download the new Marketplace items.

Minecraft Dungeons will also have a spooky scary update; this new event will be called Spooky Fall Even, which will have a time-limited Seasonal Trials will be supernaturally tricky challenges and otherworldly rewards.