Frozen District’s House Flipper VR Makes Home Renovation More Realistic And Launches Tomorrow

Frozen District’s House Flipper VR Makes Home Renovation More Realistic And Launches Tomorrow
Credit: House Flipper VR via Steam

Publisher and developer Frozen District has announced House Flipper VR, the virtual reality edition of its popular House Flipper game. The title was first released in May 2018 and has continued to have new updates since its launch. One of the significant updates was with HGTV.

House Flipper VR is similar to the original game, but players can complete actions in the first person to make the experience more realistic. Some of the designs have also gone through slightly graphic design changes that veterans to the series will notice.

Overall, the mechanics of the gameplay have significantly changed. Players are not “clicking” to complete actions. Players will virtually hold tools in their hands to make repairs and complete projects.

The essence of the game remains the same. Players buy old houses that are falling apart. After assessing the damage and deciding what needs to be done, players can begin the renovation. Some walls may need to be removed for open. It’s up to renovators exactly how they want to set up the main walls and rooms of their house.

After the house is renovated, players will choose paint themes and more. The paint and accents can completely change the appearance of a home, so players will have to choose carefully. The final touches are decorating the house with furniture and more. Staging the home is important to attracting potential buyers.

Renovating a house may seem overwhelming at first, but the game has some extra built-in help. Uncle Harry steps up and helps the player learn more about renovation. He picks up odd jobs from clients, such as cleaning or family problems, to make work more interesting. Another helper is Beaver, the Builder, who is not only cute but explains gameplay features in the game.

Patryk Czajka, leader of the VR development team, stated:

Originally, we were after creating a short VR experience based on House Flipper just for Oculus Quest. Later on, after receiving lots of feedback, the idea transformed into the concept of creating a full House Flipper VR game in two separate editions. During the development process, we planned everything out so that we will have the ability to deliver regular content updates in the future.

House Flipper VR will first launch on the Oculus Store on August 27. The PC VR version will launch on Steam a few weeks later on September 24.