Flashbangs In Gears Of War 5 Have Been Adjusted To Provide Users With Better Experiences

Flashbangs In Gears Of War 5 Have Been Adjusted To Provide Users With Better Experiences
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The latest installment in the Gears franchise is Gears of War 5. It’s amazing to see the series still going strong today despite a few speed bumps suffered in previous installments. This latest one has made a lot of improvements in many departments like the story, visuals, and of course, online multiplayer.

There are a lot new modes that have given fans new experiences to enjoy, whether they’re playing solo or with a group of friends. Like any game, though, there have been issues that The Coalition has gradually fixed ever since launch. One of the more frustrating revolves around flashbangs. Not only do they have unreal power, but their blinding light lasts too long. As you can imagine, this has frustrated a lot of users. It takes them out of the match as they try seeking shelter after suffering a devastating flash. Players have used these unrealistic characteristics to their advantage. Needless to say, the community has voiced their opinions.

Fortunately, The Coalition didn’t just sit idly by while a lot of their users had bad experiences because of these flashbangs. They have in fact been nerfed, which should lead to better experiences no matter what type of multiplayer match you’re engaged in. As far as adjustment specifics, the flashbangs now won’t blind players for as long. The smaller window will still be effective, but not to the point of excessive frustration.

Flashbangs have been one of the more useful tools for flushing opponents out from cover, much like the function of smoke grenades. The fact that the developer has made the necessary adjustments shows they’re committed to making Gears of War 5 as good as it can be. That’s reassuring and you can expect them to keep pumping out these updates.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this latest installment, it really is a good time. For starters, the story is gripping and follows along the mysterious past of Kate Diaz. New revelations are made that could shape the future of the Gears franchise forever. Online multiplayer is also amazing, which comes as no surprise. It’s something fans of the series have come to expect. Whether you like two-on-two battles or something a little larger, online multiplayer provides you with so much content.

If The Coalition can continuing advancing the lore and improving upon previous successful elements, there’s no reason why this franchise can’t go on for many more years.