Final Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer Released in Japan

Final Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer Released in Japan
Credit: Pokemon via YouTube

The final details are all coming together for the upcoming release of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In Japan, the final trailer for the game has launched. The new trailer is the Pokémon Company’s last marketing push to get gamers interested in the upcoming game.

Pokémon Company has been releasing several trailers to audiences worldwide, showcasing various new features, including the extensive character customizer.

The final three-minute trailer is a recap of what the Pokémon Company has shown players before.

Players who want a clean slate should try and avoid the latest trailer, as it contains an overview of old information, plus some new additions. There may be some spoilers to new Pokémon, characters, and environments that Trainers will visit.

The content may seem familiar to those paying close attention to leaks, such as some of the Pokémon and their new evolutions are shown.

In the trailer, there’s a few previous of the side games, like a timed bicycle race. There’s also a preview of the new Pokémon camp, where Trainers can build bonds with their Pokémon. There’s even a preview of the characters enjoying a plate of Japanese curry.

Players will also get a glimpse at some of the beautiful landscapes in the Galar region, from grassy plains to a dark cave with glowing fungi. There will be plenty of content for fans to enjoy.

As for those who enjoy battles more than camping, there is some footage of the gym leaders players will have to face, such as the mask-wearing Allister, Bea, and Nessa.

Each gym leader showcases their skills on the screen, showing that players will have to take the time to raise their Pokémon’s abilities and bonds to earn those gym badges.

The latest, and final, trailer comes just after a weekend of gamers showing their love and support for the developer, Game Freak, with the Twitter hashtag #ThankYouGameFreak.

While many are disappointed at what was removed from the title, many showed that they would continue to support the new changes coming to the series. Fans flooded social media with comments of support, fan art, and videos expressing their love for the developer and how much they’re looking forward to the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Sword and Shield launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.