Dying Light 2 Is Coming Out In The First Or Second Quarter Of Next Year And It Looks Like It Will Be Absolutely Amazing

Dying Light 2 Is Coming Out In The First Or Second Quarter Of Next Year And It Looks Like It Will Be Absolutely Amazing
Credit: Dying Light via YouTube

The sequel to 2015’s Dying Light is expected for release either in the first quarter or second quarter of next year. Now that we are getting closer and closer to its eventual release, it is definitely time to start talking shop about the highly-anticipated Dying Light 2, which is sure to be packed full of fun.

For those who do not know about the awesomeness that is Dying Light, the game series follows the world through the post-apocalypse. In this world, zombies have taken over and are killing and destroying everything. (Isn’t that what zombies do normally anyway?) The best part about that game is that it takes place in an open-world environment, which is a whole lot of fun for those of us who love to go exploring.

But Dying Light 2 is supposed to build on its predecessor in tons of new and exciting ways. The best part is probably the story. In the last game, the protagonist ended up spreading the virus across the world. Essentially, this means the world is now kaput. We’re back in the dark ages now.

In this setting, the game follows a new character who works in a giant city (which is apparently five times larger than the original game map from the first Dying Light). The character will have to deal with rival gangs, build alliances with new groups of people, and make big decisions without making anyone angry. And, oh yeah, the entire time, you will have to keep an eye out for hordes of undead, which can strike at any time.

The developers have made sure that, unlike the previous game, there will be significant RPG elements in Dying Light 2. Your choices will reverberate throughout the game world, making things completely different based on your decisions.

Then there’s the really cool combat system. In the previous Dying Light game, the system utilized some really cool parkour-style gameplay elements throughout the game. There was a lot of climbing to be done to help you get away from the hordes of zombies around every corner. And, to be fair, things haven’t changed too much in the new game.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t gotten much better either. In Dying Light 2, you will get the chance to combine combat with parkour. So that means climbing up a ledge to make a jump attack or run on walls to help you get into a better position to take a shot on the roving undead. Either way, keep an eye for what is sure to be a great game coming out in the next few months.