Check Out The Trailer For Prologue, The New Game From PlayerUnknown Productions

Check Out The Trailer For Prologue, The New Game From PlayerUnknown Productions
Credit: PUBG Corp

Brendan Greene is a game designer that is generally known under another name, PlayerUnknown, and he is unsurprisingly the mastermind behind the popular battle royale shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (commonly referred to as PUBG). PUBG came from humble beginnings to take the world by storm, so it’s exciting to see what’s next on offer from Greene.

This time around, Greene is operating out of his new studio, PlayerUnknown Productions, and he’s surrounded by a team that’s been handpicked over the last nine months. The game is called Prologue and a teaser for the game was released last week on an account that is brand-spanking new, so naturally it had everyone wondering whether it was real or not. As it turns out, it is.

The teaser, as gorgeous as it is, doesn’t show much of anything. An unknown person hides in the forest during an intense storm. The person looks around frantically as multiple dogs are heard barking, and it becomes clear that this person is hiding from a search party. The thunder rolls. The lightning strikes. Another love grows cold on a sleepless night.

If the context of the teaser doesn’t properly excite you, maybe Greene’s description from the game’s official website will.

Prologue is an exploration of new technologies and gameplay. Our aim with this game is to give players unique and memorable experiences, each and every time they play…Last month, we proved a concept, and that gave us the confidence to show our teaser to the world. The game still has some time to go before we are ready to share more, so please bear with us.”

Greene goes on to give a shout out to his team and thank fans for their interest, and “interest” is probably the right word. Whatever the studio is working on, it’s clear they’re pursuing something new, and what’s more exciting than that? Greene elaborates a bit more in a press statement, again placing emphasis on new technologies that will “develop (his) ideas into reality.”

This is not the PUBG single player game that’s been talked about, which is being made by another studio entirely. Prologue is something completely new. While fans are surely chomping at the bit for some more details, it sounds like whatever Prologue is about might take a little more explaining than the usual game announcement, so expect any leaks or small bits of news to give some vague impressions. We might have to wait a while for a completely clear picture of what Prologue is and has to offer.