Dreamscaper Is An Upcoming ARPG That Will Challenge Players To Battle Their Nightmares, Entering Steam Early Access

Dreamscaper Is An Upcoming ARPG That Will Challenge Players To Battle Their Nightmares, Entering Steam Early Access
Credit: Steam XO

Journey into the land of the subconscious as Cassidy fights her inner demons in Dreamscaper. Enjoy a surreal rogue-lite adventure from Afterburner Studios that has just entered Steam Early Access. Trapped in an endless loop, you must enter the world of nightmares to overcome a new level of challenges.

Cassidy can evolve her fighting abilities and psychic abilities as she forges friendships and enters the waking world. Battle through the night and find a way to save Cassidy from her dark fate. This game includes an imaginative setting full of powerful weapons that are sure to drive the demons back to the darkest parts of her mind.

Dreamscaper is a surreal rogue-lite adventure that will take players into a modernized hack and slash adventure. Enter Cassidy’s lucid dreams and watch as the reality around her warps. Battle the demons that live in her subconscious and when you die return back to the real world for the next day.

This game introduces fans to a rich and expansive combat adventure. The combat system rewards skilled timing and swordplay forcing players to focus on their positioning and timing. Quick reflexes will come in handy to defeat the foes hidden in this adventure.

Each class in the game is unique and based completely on the weapons used. From whipping around at high speeds to rending the earth below them players must use the right weapon in the right way to succeed at fighting these foes.

All of the enemies and bosses are based on the negative emotions from Cassidy’s day. Vanquish her foes and clear her mind of the darkness that constantly plagues her.

Still, this game presents a unique and beautiful world that is hauntingly dreamlike. Uncover the untold secrets of the day as you vanquish nightmares and upgrade your skillset. Plunge through Cassidy’s subconscious and bring her back from the dark.

Empower Cassidy through her friendships and waking life. Using their hopes and memories, Cassidy can dispel the darkness and finally embrace the light in the world around her.

This game has entered Early Access and is available for fans to purchase on Steam. Interested fans can purchase the title right now on Steam for $19.99.

For more information be sure to explore Afterburner Studios main website. This game is beautiful and it would not be surprising to see this title make it to console audiences at some point in its future.