Shadow Warrior 3 Has New Gameplay Footage Of Its Gory, Intense Combat

Shadow Warrior 3 Has New Gameplay Footage Of Its Gory, Intense Combat
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Shadow Warrior shooter series is beloved by many. It’s not hard to see why either. It has a lot of over-the-top elements that you would find in some of today’s blockbuster action movies. Its brutal combat and timely humor also have shined bright since this franchise came into existence.

Well it looks like the developer Flying Wild Hog is doubling down on all of these aspects. That’s especially true when you take a look at the most recent gameplay trailer that was released via YouTube.

There are 17 total minutes of intense gameplay to now breakdown from Shadow Warrior 3, which is tentatively scheduled to release sometime in 2021. We see our beloved protagonist Lo Wang back to his usual ways with his snarky comments and brash humor.

The Shadow Warrior series has always excelled in the writing department, and the developer doesn’t seem to have deviated from this successful recipe. That’s great because it’s a huge reason why this series has grown so popular over the years.

The first couple of gameplay sequences show Lo Wang moving throughout some beautifully detailed environments. Flying Wild Hog has nailed down the Asian influences perfectly. There is color and beautiful architecture everywhere.

We then see Wang move throughout the linear levels while using some platforming, which should be a nice change of pace from the brutal combat that dials up the action meter to an eleven.

When Wang finally encounters some demons, he uses his pistol from afar and then quickly switches over to his sword for some intense slicing and dicing. As the user rapidly swipes at nearby enemies, blood and limbs swirl into the air.

Between these sequences, Wang uses some sort of force ability that lets him push enemies up against sharp objects for brutal finishes. For some heavy-duty firepower, Wang relies on a shotgun that deals a ton of damage up close.

It’s these types of graphic scenes that will be customary in Shadow Warrior 3, and that’s a good thing if you don’t mind getting a little messy. The gore and chaining combos together with different weapons instantly stand out from this latest trailer.

Gameplay thus far has sort of a Doom-like feel to it. You’ll go from area to area taking down demons in unique ways. Only, the humor-oriented writing helps break up these intense combat sequences. It’s a great recipe that shows the promising elements of this next installment.