Download Or Share Custom Patterns With Nook Island – An Animal Crossing Reference And Pattern Website

Download Or Share Custom Patterns With Nook Island – An Animal Crossing Reference And Pattern Website
Credit: Animal Crossing via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was recently released on the Nintendo Switch, and players have been working hard to customize their islands. The series has always had a place for players to create various designs in the game, from original content to bringing in other popular series into the game.

The Animal Crossing community has recently unveiled a new website that serves as a one-stop-shop for patterns. Not only can players download the patterns into their games, but they can also upload unique designs.

The Nook’s Island Custom Design website is a giant database of custom clothing, artwork, and other designs to decorate not only the player but their islands.

Each design is shown similar to the in-game card that features the creator name, island name, and the code to access the design.

At the top of the webpage is a filter to sort by pattern or specific clothing type. Using the search tool, players can search for designs on a theme or a series someone may have created a custom design for.

Since this is a page where anyone can upload custom designs, not every design may appeal to all players and will range in quality. If players want to upload designs, there are a few rules to follow first, and the site “reserves the right remove any designs that are not following the rules, or are deemed inappropriate without notice.”

Using the custom ID codes is simple. First, players need to purchase “Pro custom designs” with Nook Miles from the Resident Services kiosk. Second, players need to unlock the Able Sister’s shop. When the shop is open, head to the back of the store where the design kiosk is. Players can then use the kiosk to input codes, or even search by item name or creator. This requires a paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nook’s Island isn’t just a giant database of custom designs. It also contains a helpful Insect and Fish catching guide. The guides show images of each insect or fish, along with when they can be found in-game, selling price, what time they’re available, and where they are usually located.

The Nook’s Island website is free to access.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch now.