TEAM17 Announces Partnership With Wonderscopes Game On Upcoming Title Hokko Life

TEAM17 Announces Partnership With Wonderscopes Game On Upcoming Title Hokko Life
Credit: Hokko Life via Steam

Team17 has announced it is partnering with developer Wonderscope Games for the life simulator game Hokko Life. Hokko Life lets players create, craft, and explore the town along with befriending its animal residents.

Along with the announcement was a new trailer for Hokko Life that showcases gameplay and customization.

“Step off the train into the town of Hokko and get settled into your new home!” states the Steam description, “This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves. With hammer and paints in hand it’s up to you to design, build and decorate homes for all of your new friends!”

Hokko Life is a community life simulator game but built for PC users. Upon seeing the trailer and screenshots, players may be instantly reminded of another life simulator game with animals released this year. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Hokko Life is available to anyone with a PC.

There are a variety of locations to explore for materials, such as an abandoned mine, forests, or digging for resources. Players can craft various materials and combine them to make new furniture and items. Players have full creative control.

Building furniture also has more creativity involved, like customizing different materials and shapes to make personalized items. Players use pain to design wallpaper, flooring, and t-shirts for themselves or other villagers to use.

Villagers step in and help out players to expand their village. Instead of leaving all the work up to players, the resident builder can step in and assist. Buildings and homes are important because new friends can move in at any time. Around those buildings are valuable farmland where vegetables and plants can be grown and sold.

There are other activities to do as well, such as fishing and hunting bugs.

The trailer is an early development preview, and there may be changes to the final release. The game now has an official Discord server to connect with the developers and learn about any of the work-in-progress.

Max Everingham, Head of Publishing, Team17, said: “As our games label continues to grow, we’re delighted to welcome a game as colourful and creative as Hokko Life. This underlines our ambition to create a label with a diverse selection of gameplay experiences for all audiences, and we can’t wait to give players the chance to explore Hokko for themselves when it launches on PC.”

Hokko Life is planned for release on PC via Steam this year.