Destiny 2: New Xur Location For Purchasable Exotic Weapons and Armor 6/28

Destiny 2: New Xur Location For Purchasable Exotic Weapons and Armor 6/28
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2, Xur is one NPC everyone is happy to see. The tentacle bearing emissary rolls into a randomized location every Friday and leaves back to who knows where on reset day. Xur is most beloved, as he is the only vendor in the game that sells the player exotic weapons and armor. His stores rotate every week, and as such, it is best to visit him every time he shows up.

Guardians do not have to travel far to locate Xur this week, as he is hanging around at the Tower. From the Courtyard landing zone, after loading in hang a left towards the Hanger. Follow the stairway down and then to the right, continuing around the corner from the laborer working on a ship with her blowtorch.

Once you have reached the Hanger proper, you will need to turn left, passing behind the Dead Orbit faction representative. Directly behind him is a set of stairs facing left, and climbing them reveals Xur’s location.

So what goods does Xur have to offer this week? If you are a Hunter prepare for disappointment, as he is selling a base game exotic for you. If you don’t yet have them, the St0mp-EE5 are extremely useful for platforming and should make your Outbreak Prime jump puzzle much easier to get through in a timely manner.

Warlocks get access to a decent Forsaken exotic in the form of the chest piece Chromatic Fire. There are certainly better exotic options to use, but this will definitely help out those who still need Forsaken gear for their collections.

Titans have the best luck this week, taking away the One-Eyed Mask helmet for your troubles. The helm is an absolute beast in PVP, showing guardians the location of enemies that damage them. This ability includes tracking through walls, so if you are missing it be sure to pick it up before the reset on Tuesday.

Finally, Xur offers several miscellaneous goods as well. The most important of these are the Fated Engrams available for purchase only once a week. This engram will contain a new exotic piece of gear you do not yet have (not including quest exotics.) The price reflects its value at a whopping 97 legendary shards.

Xur also offers a Five of Swords Challenge Card, which is used to enable and control the modifiers for the Nightfall strike. These are used in two ways, firstly to increase the difficulty and apply negative buffs to your character in order to achieve a high Nightfall score.

It can also be used to lower the difficulty of the Nightfall, subsequently lowering the score. This is useful when players want to run through Nightfalls quickly, such as when farming specific sets of gear.