Dell Proves All-In-One PCs Are Not Extinct With Launch Of New Optiplex 7070

Dell Proves All-In-One PCs Are Not Extinct With Launch Of New Optiplex 7070
Credit: TheUnlockr via YouTube

People generally stay away from all-in-one PCs when there are plenty of choices for more powerful desktops and monitors today.

Computer manufacturers are in a race to come up with the most powerful and most efficient PCs. Meanwhile, monitor makers are trying to play catch up, so their display screens enhance the potential of PCs.

But Dell is trying to buck the trend by launching the OptiPlex 7070. The mini PC’s tower is extra slim (3.78” x 10.09” x 0.78”) and you can fit it right into the display stand. It’s not strictly an all-in-one PC, but the company is trying to offer the best of both worlds.

An all-in-one PC is a design where the CPU is built into the monitor, so everything is under one unit. The main advantage is the small footprint because they don’t take up much space. However, the list of disadvantages is numerous. For instance, they are typically more expensive and are not upgradeable.

These days, however, the technology for all-in-one desktops is light years away from the first iMac in 1998. The PCs have become slimmer; they have become cheaper and more powerful.

The OptiPlex 7070 is a novel approach that it’s a wonder that nobody thought of it before. Dell has discarded the previous model of clipping the OptiPlex PC on display with a VESA mount. Instead, the whole tower slides into space in the stand, and the snug fit ensures it doesn’t move around.

Once it sticks in place, the tower will remain invisible except for the ports and the cables that attach to the CPU. One advantage is that you can easily manage all the wires and cables even if you have multiple terminals.

Manufacturers have been trying to solve the problem of how to maximize the all-in-one PCs. While businesses love their design because they don’t take up space, it’s also expensive to replace them every few years. HP’s EliteOne allows technicians to separate the PC from the monitor, but the OptiPlex 7070 is taking a different approach.

Just like a regular PC, you can upgrade the OptiPlex 7070 by taking off the cover easily. You can even replace the whole CPU if it’s beyond repair. You can do this without touching the monitor.

Under the hood, the PC features 9th Gen Intel Core processor, 64GB of DDR 4 (up to 2666 Mhz) and SSD storage. The Optiplex 7070 Ultra is set for launch On Sept. 24.