You Can Now Test Your Sword-Fighting Skills In 1v1 Battle Following The Mordhau Update

You Can Now Test Your Sword-Fighting Skills In 1v1 Battle Following The Mordhau Update
Credit: MORDHAU via YouTube

Triternion released a major patch that adds one-on-one battle to Mordhau.

Right now, however, the one-on-one duel patch is still in the beta state. The developer is trying to solicit feedback on how Mordhau players feel about the matches. At the outset, Triternion has employed the Elo system for the matchmaking.

For those who don’t know, the Elo rating system was invented by physics professor Arpad Elo. It’s a formula to calculate how to come up with the matchmaking in zero-sum matches such as chess. The rating system eventually replaced the Harkness rating system because the former ensures more competitive matches.

In fact, the Elo rating system is now being used for major eSports events today.

Mordhau is a hack-and-slash game that was launched for Microsoft Windows in April 2019. Right now, the game has several modes including Frontlines where each warring team is composed of 32 players. You begin with 1,000 points and the team with the most points after the battle wins the game.

The Battle Royale mode, meanwhile, will again feature as many as 64 players in a free-for-all format. Horde mode is a player-vs-environment mode while Skirmish is a team deathmatch format.

In a blog post, Triternion said they are trying to perfect the matchmaking system for the 1v1 battles. Once they are finished with that, they can move on to other more complex battles. For instance, they are looking to expand the ranked duels to three-on-three, as well.

The 1v1 duel is probably the most exciting part of the Mordhau update. However, there are other tweaks and additions, as well. For instance, in the map, the developer announced that Castello and Feitoria are ready to roll out. Feitoria is probably much closer to release compared to Castello. However, there’s no release date announced by the developer.

The Mordhau update also added Invasion mode into the mix. The Invasion puts more premium on teamwork more than anything else. This makes sense, especially when you are commanding large armies, everybody must be on board with the plan. The developer described Invasion as an asymmetrical attack and defend mode. They are making good progress and about to finish this mode.

In fact, they are already play-testing Invasion on Camp. But they need to make some refinements first before adding it on the other maps. The timeline given by the developer is “the coming weeks.” Eventually, you will find the Invasion mode where Frontline is being enabled.