Damwon Gaming Secured Seventh Win In A Row After Taking Down SeolHaeOne Prince In LCK Summer Split

Damwon Gaming Secured Seventh Win In A Row After Taking Down SeolHaeOne Prince In LCK Summer Split
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming have maintained their dominant streak in the League of Legends Champions Korea, securing their seventh win in a row  against SeolHaeOne Prince.

This series was expected to be a pretty one-sided game since SP sit at the bottom of the LCK standings, while Damwon are in clear position of the leader of the board.

Both of Damwon’s solo laners put up a huge performance today, earning the Player of the Game awards. Top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon played a mean Jayce, ending with a scoreline of 9/2/4 against Wukong in the first game. Mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su put on a literal show in the second game on Twisted Fate, having 100-percent kill participation and ending the game deathless.

The first game remained even for the first 10 minutes. Nuguri took the game in his own hands, however, accelerating Damwon’s lead by getting multiple solo kills everywhere on the map. Once they picked up a Baron buff, Damwon pushed their lead to around 10,000 gold and ended the game. At the end of the game, Jayce did more damage than the three carries of SP.

The second game game was much more one-sided. Damwon played synchronized and secured a gold lead starting from the five-minute mark. Nuguri destroyed his opponent once again. ShowMaker, though, put up an even more impressive performance. He managed to secure a 100-percent kill participation and reach the top of the standings of POG.

Once Damwon secured the Baron, they ended the game on a high note replicating their success of the first one.

SP have looked lackluster this series and the entire split overall. They’ve won only one series throughout the entire Summer Split so far, compared to six wins last split. Their rebranding didn’t work out, but hopefully for fans, they can turn it around to have more interesting games next split.

Damwon have set their eyes on the LCK trophy. They’ve stomped most teams in the league, and although they do have two losses against Gen.G and DRX, it was early in the season when Damwon was still picking up steam.

Damwon have three remaining matches in the next two weeks. They’ll be facing Team Dynamics next week and T1 alongside KT Rolster in the last week of LCK Summer Split. Based on their past results, all three matches should be easy wins for Damwom as they head strong into the playoffs.