Gen.G Bounced Back In League Champions Korea Summer Split With A Win Against SeolHaeOne Prince

Gen.G Bounced Back In League Champions Korea Summer Split With A Win Against SeolHaeOne Prince

Gen.G secured a clean 2-0 win against SeolHaeOne Prince in the LCK Summer Split. This win was crucial for the Gen.G squad after the devastating loss last week against DRX.

Ruler and Bdd picked up the Player of the Game awards after their performances on Ezreal and Akali. Ruler ended up with a scoreline of 11/1/12, while Bdd ended up with 6/1/8. Akali is making a resurgence in all regions after multiple nerfs to other meta champions in the top and mid lane.

The series began with a bloodbath that lasted 34 minutes, in which there were 44 kills—29 belonging to Gen.G. The top-three LCK roster destroyed their opponents in every lane. Even though there was some hope in the bottom lane from the SP’s Kalista, in the end it didn’t matter since Gen.G had all the answers to the champion.

SP had a small gold lead in the early game. But after Gen.G picked up the tempo, SP fell behind on gold up until the end of the game, with the deficit reaching more than 11,000 gold between the two teams.

The first game culminated with a clash between both teams in SP’s base, where the superior teamfight and composition from Gen.G sealed SP’s fate.

The second game was much more one-sided. Bdd popped off on Akali, roaming constantly to help out his teammates. Early dragon and Rift Herald control from Clid helped Gen.G snowball quickly.

The entire Gen.G squad was on point, showing impressive teamfights and great shotcalls. Their vision control over the map played into their win as well, stopping SP in their tracks to set up ambushes to come back in the game.

After a 27-minute skirmish, Gen.G closed out the game with Baron, accruing a 15,000 gold lead towards the end. Bdd’s Player of the Game award for this game netted him with 1,000 total POG points, topping the LCK Summer Split standings.

Gen.G are currently third in the LCK Summer Split standings. They will face KT Rolster and Damwon Gaming next week. While KT should be an easy target, Damwon are going to be a much more challenging opponent. Damwon are currently on a winning streak, sweeping the second seed in a fast series a couple of days ago.

Tune on in the upcoming weeks to see if Gen.G can get a higher seeding heading into playoffs and possibly avoid facing T1 in the first playoff round. While they did win the recent match, T1 is known for playing really well in stressful situations.