DRX Continue League Champions Korea Dominance, Destroy Hanwha Life Esports In Summer Split 2020

DRX Continue League Champions Korea Dominance, Destroy Hanwha Life Esports In Summer Split 2020
Credit: DRX via YouTube

DRX took down Hanwha Life Esports in a two-game League of Legends series  after the team’s solo laners dismantled their opponents. With this win, DRX improve to 8-1 and remain in first place in the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Deft played a strong Lucian in the first game, securing the Player of the Game award. Chovy stepped up in the next game with Azir to pick up the second Player of the Game award. Both carries played phenomenal today and showed a ludicrous display of mechanical prowess and skill.

The first game was the Deft show. DRX picked a protect the carry composition with Yuumi in the bottom lane and Karma in the top lane. These two supports can make even the weakest ADC in the meta tough to handle.

Deft destroyed HLE’s bottom lane and was an absolute monster in teamfights. He helped his team secure all objectives and stopped HLE from taking a single tower. Once DRX took the Infernal Soul, the game was over for HLE since they lacked sustain or damage to deal with DRX’s composition.

Chovy picked up a quadrakill toward the end and was on his way to securing the pentakill with his Corki, but Deft stole it away.

After a disastrous first game, HLE adjusted their draft. They first picked Karma to avoid the same situation they faced in the first game. They also picked Aphelios to take it away from Deft, who’s well-known for destroying entire teams with the champ.

DRX responded to this with a surprising Kayle support pick, which actually appeared to work during the laning phase. Kayle kept poking and assisting Deft, empowering him to carry the game.

While Deft couldn’t snowball as hard as he did in the first game, Chovy took the steering wheel on his Azir and carried the game with his superior mechanics. His Shurima Shuffles dismantled HLE during crucial teamfights.

DRX will face ⁠Team Dynamics later this week. Even though they’re at the top of the LCK Summer Split standings, DRX should prepare carefully for their next matchup to avoid being upset by an underdog. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LCK channel next week to see if DRX can maintain their lead.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more LCK coverage as the regular season comes to an end and teams are racing for a spot in the Summer Split playoffs.